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Duties performed by Justices of the Peace

Duties Performed by Justices of the Peace

Justice's powers are in two categories: ministerial and judicial and all Justices of the Peace can help you with ministerial matters.
These include:

• Witnessing documents such as land transfer documents

• Certifying copies

• Taking declarations, affidavits and affirmations

Justices of the Peace who are members of their local association have access to specialised training for carrying out all these tasks. (If you're not sure if a JP can help you with a document, just ask - the JP can advise you.)
Some Justices of the Peace can also authorise various court documents, such as summonses.

Four hundred specially-trained judicial JPs sit in the District Court to hear minor traffic and some summary offences, preside over preliminary hearings for certain offences and hear bail applications and requests for remands and adjournments.

A Justice of the Peace wishing to perform Judicial Duties must be approved to undertake and subsequently complete a course in Judicial Studies, be admitted to and satisfactorily complete a two day practicum under the auspices of the Chief District Court Judge. They then attend ongoing educational development sessions arranged by their local Associations.

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