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What Can a JP Do For Me?

Duties performed by JPs
Please contact a JP convenient to you and arrange an appointment to have your documents completed.

Some JPs are retired from active duty and are no longer permitted to carry out the former functions of office. (see Justices of the Peace Act 1957 S 3 C) They are designated JP(retired).
Explain to the JP exactly what the documents are and do not sign anything beforehand. Some documents can take a considerable time to process (such as certifying numerous copies of exam results).

Please be aware that some JPs may not be at their home address at a time that suits you and that it may be necessary to contact more than one person.

Many associations now have
'service desks' or 'signing centres' available in a conveniently located urban site, perhaps a library, CAB or other public place in your area.

Please contact the local Association Registrar if you think this may be more convenient for you or check on their website.

You are entitled to ask if the JP belongs to an affiliated Association - this way you may be assured of the support and education that comes with membership.
  • A JP can witness your signature on a document.

  • A JP can certify copies of documents for you including cellphone texts and computer displayed results. 

  • A JP can administer an affidavit for you. This is a document that is sworn on oath or affirmed and is normally used in a legal proceeding.

  • A JP can complete a declaration for you. This may be a statutory declaration made under the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 or some other statute which provides for this to be done.

    yes tickTo download a blank statutory declaration form that you can fill in and take to a JP click here
Many (but not all) forms have a place for completing the signing and dating, check to see that Justice of the Peace is one of the authorised persons. There are forms for Government departments covering a myriad of circumstances including health, education and immigration. Many of these can be completed by a JP. 

Some forms for overseas documents can be completed by a JP, explain to the JP over the phone exactly what the document is and what is required - you will be told if they have jurisdiction.

Justices of the Peace provide their services free of charge.
Codes of Practice

JPs are not necessarily Marriage Celebrants. To locate a Marriage Celebrant click here

Frequently Asked Questions

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