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To sit the test or enter details of an Education Program, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

How do I become Accredited?
You must complete TWO steps
  • Successfully complete the Accreditation test by getting at least 90%
  • Enter the details of an education program you have participated in.
You will not become accredited if you have completed only one of these steps.

If you wish to sit the Accreditation test, click 'Begin Test' at the bottom of this page.

If you wish to enter the details of an Education Program, you may do so in the section below entitled 'Association Education Programs Attended'.

What happens when I become Accredited?

Once you have completed both steps the word accredited 2-59-497 will appear by your name on the 'Find a JP' page.

Your Accreditation will be valid for two years. The date of accreditation will be based upon the date of whichever you did first - the date you passed the test or the date you attended an Education Program.

The date at which your accreditation expires will be stated at the bottom of this page.

Your Association Registrar may be informed of your accreditation status.

The expiry date of my Accreditation is different from what I expected

Your Accreditation is valid for 2 years from the date of whatever component you completed first.

If you passed the test and then attended an Education Program, your Accreditation will expire 2 years after the date you passed the test.

If the Education Program you attended occurred prior to you completing the test, your Accreditation will be valid for 2 years from the date of the Program.

For example, you may have attended an Education Program in January 2018. If you entered the Program date into the system in July and passed the test in July, your date will be January 2020.

Why did I receive an email telling me I am about to expire?

The Accreditation Program will send you an automatic email advising you that your Accreditation will expire in 3 months time.

If the date of expiry is different from what you expected, please read the above section about Accreditation expiry.

If you did not receive this email this may be because you have not updated your email address. Go to Member Services' and find 'Update My Details' on that page.

If your contact details are up-to-date, check your 'spam' or 'junk' mail inbox. This email may have been identified as spam by your email provider.

Why has my Accreditation expired?

Your Accreditation has expired because because either the date you attended an Education Session or the date you passed the test occurred more than two years ago.

At the bottom of this page you can see the date of your Education Session and the date you passed the test.

You will need to either re-sit the test, enter the date of a more recent Education Program you have attended or do both these things to become Accredited again.

I've failed the test, what happens now?

After failing the test you will be stood down for 24 hours, if this was your first attempt, or 7 days, if this was your second or subsequent attempt. This means that you cannot access the test until the 24 hours or 7 days are passed.

Once you access the test to re-sit, you will only be asked the questions that you have yet to answer correctly. For instance, if you achieved a score of 40/50, you will only be asked 10 questions.

You have 8 weeks (including stand down time), to pass the test. After 8 weeks your progress will be reset and you will need to sit the test (all 50 questions) from scratch.

What is an Education Program and how to I submit mine?

An Education Program or Session is a learning activity of at least 1 hour's duration arranged by your branch, Association or by the Royal Federation. The main purpose of this session must be ongoing learning.

You will need to enter the details of the Education Program you attended in the boxes provided at the bottom of this page under 'Association Education Programs Attended'.
  • Enter the date of the session by selecting the calendar symbol - Select date  - and finding and selecting the correct date. If the session occurred on a prior date, you may only backdate your entry up to 12 months.
  • Write the name of the session in the second box. Your session may not have been given a name - simply write identifying details of the session such as the organising Association, nature of the session and location. For example, "Wellington KU2D District Court"
  • Select the square below your entries to confirm the truth and accuracy of those entries. 
  • Press 'Submit'.

How will I know if I have passed the test?

Upon finishing and submitting your answers, the website will display a message indicating whether you have passed. You will also receive an email indicating the outcome and which questions you answered incorrectly. If you did not receive this email, ensure your email details are entered correctly into your account and check your spam/junk mail inbox.

Test results will be added to your record, which you can see below.

How often do I have to sit the test and attend an Education Program?

Accreditation remains valid for two years and you will need to sit the test and attend an Education Program at least every two years.

You are welcome, and encouraged to attend programs on a more regular basis and sit the test more regularly.

I'm having technical issues

If you have any technical issues with the programme (especially if you are a Mac, iPad or Safari user) please click here to go to the Help page.

If this page or the Accreditation help page do not remedy your problem, talk to your local trainers.

Your accreditation has expired
To become accredited please type in the Education Session you attended, in the box below and complete the Online Accreditation Test

Association Education Programs Attended

Add new program:
Date Attended:
Associated Education Program Name:
write name and place of type of 1 hour education session that you attended.

In clicking Submit I attest to the truth and accuracy of the entry I have made.

Online Accreditation Test

Along with your attendance outlined above you will need to successfully complete (45/50 or better) in this on-line test to become accredited. If you do not achieve this first time you may resit only the questions answered incorrectly (after 24 hours) put in a different form to achieve a total mark of more than 90%.
To do this simply click on 'Begin Test' after 24 hours.
Should you not achieve this a second time you cannot try again for 7 days. After that time you can repeat the process from the start. In this event we recommend you make contact with your Association Education Officer or Registrar for assistance.
Test Attempt Date Pass/Fail