Te Kāhui Pou Whakatau Ture o Aotearoa




To gain accreditation you must meet the following criteria:
1. Participation in or presenting at a learning activity (of at least 1 hour’s duration) arranged by the JP’s “branch” or Association or the Federation the main purpose of which is ongoing learning; and
2. Successfully (90%) completing the accreditation assessment on

When you have completed both requirements the word accredited 2-59-497 will appear by your name on the 'Find a JP' page.
1. Education Programme - you will need to type in your own text including the name and place (for audit purposes) in the free text box (entering a subsequent programme replaces the existing one)
You must select a date using the calendar and may backdate your entry up to 12 months from today's date, you must also tick the attestation box before clicking on the Submit button

2. Test results will be added and date stamped automatically with a successful result. You will receive an email showing only the questions answered incorrectly. There are 50 questions.
To take the test click on the BEGIN TEST link at the bottom of this page. We strongly recommend reading all the information in the
Go to Accreditation page.
Your accreditation is valid for 2 years from the date of the oldest entry. (part 1 or 2)
Your Association Registrar may be informed of your accreditation status.
If you have any technical issues with the programme (especially if you are a Mac, iPad or Safari user) please click here to go to the Help page
Your accreditation has expired
To become accredited please type in the Education Session you attended, in the box below and complete the Online Accreditation Test

Association Education Programs Attended

Add new program:
Date Attended:
Associated Education Program Name:
write name and place of type of 1 hour education session that you attended.

In clicking Submit I attest to the truth and accuracy of the entry I have made.

Online Accreditation Test

Along with your attendance outlined above you will need to successfully complete (45/50 or better) in this on-line test to become accredited. If you do not achieve this first time you may resit only the questions answered incorrectly (after 24 hours) put in a different form to achieve a total mark of more than 90%.
To do this simply click on 'Begin Test' after 24 hours.
Should you not achieve this a second time you cannot try again for 7 days. After that time you can repeat the process from the start. In this event we recommend you make contact with your Association Education Officer or Registrar for assistance.
Test Attempt Date Pass/Fail