Te Kāhui Pou Whakatau Ture o Aotearoa



Some brief details

Many JPs through circumstances or inclination do not carry out all of the functions they are empowered to undertake.
The following brief details may be of interest:

• Approximately 7,000 are members of one of our 29 affiliated associations

• Approximately 4-500 non members still operate devoid of any ongoing training or support

• About 70 complaints are received by the Royal Federation each year - 50% of those received relate to this last group.

• Approximately 400 have agreed to make themselves available from time to time to exercise the summary jurisdiction of District Courts

• An unknown number act as Nominated Witnesses under the CYFS legislation where youths are interviewed by the Police

• The same circumstance applies with the Mental Health Act

• A small number (20 or so) who act under the Customs/Civil Aviation legislation in a similar capacity where passengers are subject to specific searching - this is mainly at Christchurch International Airport and also Palmerston North

• Some other small groups deal with requests under specific legislation

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