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Justices of the Peace Education Trust


The Justices of the Peace Education Trust (the “Trust”) was set up in 1974 and is an entity in itself but stands alongside the Royal Federation. The incumbent President of Royal Federation is the Chairman of the Trust and Board members are the Trustees.
Its genesis was the suggestion in the late 60’s that to mark the 50th Jubilee of the national body for Justices of the Peace in 1974, $30.000 should be raised for a Jubilee Project. Over the following years various possible projects were discussed and in 1974 it was decided that it should be an Education Trust.
The primary objects for which the Trust was established are:
  1. To educate justices of the Peace throughout New Zealand on all aspects of their functions, responsibilities, and role in the community;
  2. To educate the community as to the tasks performed by Justices of the Peace and the activities they undertake;
  3. To provide information and resources to service the educational requirements of individual justices of the Peace throughout new Zealand;
  4. To award scholarships to Justices of the Peace or others to further the objects of the trust;
  5. To provide grants and resources for education of Justices of the Peace through the Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices Associations (Incorporated) or its affiliated Associations;
  6. To provide resources and facilities for research into any matters of relevance to V or the law in New Zealand;
  7. To raise money by donations, loans, or by any other lawful means and by such methods as the Trust considers appropriate for the furtherance of these objects;
  8. To make Charitable donations of part or all of the capital and income of the Trust to any person or persons and to settle the whole or any part of the capital and income of the Trust on any other charitable trust.
Since the original sum of about $40,000 was raised, accumulated interest and donated income lifted the total to $100,000 by 2007.
In June 2008 the Trust was registered under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act.
In November 2008, the Trustees confirmed an earlier decision to retain the capital base to over $100,000 and also resolved to retain this as an augmented capital sum with interest accruing to a separate interest bearing account.
From 2010-2013 the Trust made any annual award to the top student in the Open Polytech Judicial Studies Course. Awards were also made in 2011 and 2012 to JPs who developed education resources JPs for use by Association education officers nationally.  In 2014 the first Emerging Leaders Programme, funded by the Trust and the Gallagher Charitable Trust, was run.  This will be repeated in 2015.
Updated November 2014

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